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The Contract

  • Ample employment opportunities for all successful candidates with Workforce International Contractors (WFI), subcontracted to Ryanair. WFI is a sister company of Dalmac Recruitment & Aviation services.
  • The contract is a 3 year (renewable) contract with up to 3 months unpaid holiday leave per year, with Workforce International Contractors (WFI).
  • During your 1 month unpaid leave you can avail of Unlimited Staff Travel on Ryanair Flights.
  • Typically, the majority of WFI staff progress to a Ryanair permanent contract after 12 months.
  • Cabin Crew (similar to Pilots) now only work 900 flying hours per annum, which is a 25% reduction in previous flying hours (for the same monthly salary).
  • Competitive salary dependent on where you are based throughout the Ryanair network. You can typically expect to earn approximately 900-1,100/1,100-1,400 per month after tax in your first year at most bases
  • All staff will benefit from a fixed working rota of "5 days working followed by 2 days off, 5 days working followed by 3 days off "(5:2, 5:3). Weekly shifts will be either AM or PM.
  • Aircrafts return to base each evening ensuring that there are no planned overnights for staff.


Recruitment Dates

  • Timisoara, Romania, Feb 28th
  • Prague, Czech Republic, Feb 28th
  • Athens, Greece, Mar 1st
  • Bratislava, Slovakia, Mar 2nd


Training Dates

  • Dublin, Feb 22nd
  • Bucharest, Feb 22nd
  • London, Feb 26th